Smart clothing
Created in 2010, the Australian brand Song For The Mute is the result of a long friendship between multi-award winning artist Melvin Tanaya and Italy-trained designer Lyna Ty. Together, they imagine clothes like a musician would compose a melody, taking the time to think every detail of it. Turning their backs on conventions, the duo has freed themselves from trends to create minimalist and utilitarian pieces with contemporary designs.
Nick Wooster describes their clothes as unique pieces "not only in comparison to what I have seen in Australia but, quite frankly, everything I have seen in the world."
The collection is called Beau, and Spring/Summer 2017 will be. Lightness and length of verticals lengthening in stripes on flowing shirts and jackets. Add to that some floral motifs, bombers and bowling shirts, all in neutral and natural tones ranging from black to white, through grey, beige and khaki... It's beautiful.