Shape and matter
Shiro Sakai is considered one of the world's leading modellers.
A devotee of form and matter, his creations are made directly on the body, in the manner of sculptures, without preparatory drawings, using only his hands and his mind to guide him in his work. He presented his very first collection during the fall/winter 2016 season.
Shiro Sakai worked at Comme des Garçons for 27 years, and with Junya Watanabe for 19 years.
In 2017, he participates in Le Pathfinder X, responding to the invitation of Armand Hadida. Like Uma Wang, Greg Lauren, Takahiro Miyashita The SoloIst, to name but a few, he freely appropriates the concept, using ancestral techniques and reinterpreting, according to his own codes, the tuxedo jacket.