Sensitive brutalism
Rick Owens likes strong images. From his first collection presented in 1998 under the name "monsters" until those of 2016, "behemoths" and "cyclops", the American designer - and Parisian by adoption - has never ceased to propose daring collections, offbeat, in his image.
Rock, rebellious, transgressive, Owens breaks the codes of traditional fashion and the fashion shows that go with it, choosing models who are not, such as gospel singers or step teams. His sense of provocation, in his depiction of nudity in particular, and play, hides a great sensitivity and a search for idealized but lost adolescence. His creations are available in black, white or grey, in unstructured, asymmetrical drapes. The creator gives free rein to his tribal instincts and proposes, through a brutal design, a reinterpretation of classical pieces. Man is, above all, an artist.
Rick Owens now also includes the Lilies Jersey Collection and DRKSHDW lines.