Robe en laine mélangée brique PhaedoRobe en laine mélangée brique Phaedo
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Dress in brick mixed wool

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Pantalon en laine mélangée brique PhaedoPantalon en laine mélangée brique Phaedo
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Brick wool blend pants

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Art and matter
Phaedo is a Chinese brand, founded in 2014 by Zhuzhu. A former student at Central Saint Martins, he was also the first Chinese designer to enter the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2003.
Zhuzhu constantly collaborates with a collective of artists (photographers, painters, creatives). Their work is a sensitive example of how art, crafts and fashion can coexist and complement each other. Rice paper, silk, hand-dyed cotton... Phaedo uses organic materials and highlights their sometimes unknown qualities, creating crumpled, draped effects. In the first collection, some silk pieces had a leather touch.
Phaedo offers a Made in China guarantee of quality, demand and creativity.
The brand takes its name from Phedon, a book written by Plato about the death of Socrates and his last words.