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The porcelain sky
White and blue, like a pure and lit sky, like the colors of the coat of arms of Bavaria, and those, too, of nymphenburg porcelain.
This porcelain factory takes its name from the Palaiswhich has housed it since its creation in 1761, under the impetusof the sovereign Maximilian III Joseph of Bavaria. Very soon, it was intended to provide the royal court with porcelain and decorative elements made - such asthat's still the case today -via traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation since the 18th century.
The rococo statuettes designed by Franz Anton Bustelli have built the reputation of the manufacture, so much so that illustrious designers have lent themselves to the game of collaboration, among them Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood and Gareth Pugh, among others.
One of the factory's flagship pieces is the rhino Clara, whose fame around 1770 inspired porcelain biscuit inspired by a statuette created by Peter Anton von Verschaffet around 1770, available at LECLAIREUR Sévigné.