Heady floral arrangements
"Flowerheadz" is the result of the meeting between the passion of Hugh Findletar, photographer, for the language and arrangement of flowers, and the glassblowers of Murano.
Jamaican, originally trained in New York City, Findletar moved to Italy over 20 years ago. He discovers, never to leave it again, the universe of Murano and its workers with the breath of gold, with whom he has worked since 2008. Together, they work to give an eternal face to arrangements composed of ephemeral flowers. If Findletar works notably with Oscar Zanetti, whose world title of most skilful glassblower is well deserved, his influences remain vast. While its empty vases are reminiscent of those of ancient Greece, Eritrea, even the cups dear to the city of Rome, the heads of Findletar, once in flower, then reveal all their baroque side.