At the rhythm of nature
Made on a farm some 200 kilometers from Stockholm, Horisaki hats are thought of as works of art, the fruit of traditional labor, pledges of purity and luxury. Before making these headwear, Makoto Horisaki was designing jewelry in the Scandinavian capital, where he met his partner, Karin, hatter for the Royal Court of Sweden.
Each hat takes weeks of work. Handcrafted on the couple's farm, the pieces amaze you with the accuracy of their cuts, straightforward, sharp, unstructured and always controlled, reflecting a great sense of aesthetics. The selected skins, from beavers and rabbits, are treated "old-fashioned", burned and then molded in water, giving them a raw appearance, as well as strength and flexibility. The work of the patina gives them a vintage aspect for a style of great power.