In the east, the renewal
Cherevichkiotvichki was created by Victoria Andrejeva, a self-taught designer of shoes and accessories.
In the Slavic language, "Cherevichki ot Vitchki" - uttered in a childish way, means "a shoe by Victoria".
Andrejeva compiles countless hours of research before achieving the special patina, and the level of quality that all his creations testify to. She imagines and obtains different shades of brown, bronze, white ... and even a bright blue close to Klein blue.
The designer grew up in Lithuania, surrounded by the vestiges of the barely collapsed USSR, and carried by the wind of cultural renewal then blowing in the Baltic countries. Fascinated by the disappearance of the utilitarian lifestyle, it is nourished by memories of her childhood that she sets out to create shoes evoking a time that has now passed, sometimes fantasized. Today, its shoes, boots and bags, made in Italy and in small productions, fascinate, as do its installations. His collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto has further expanded his circle of fans.