The Art of Balance
Both makes shoes like others imagine works of art. The Parisian brand revisits models of sneakers, lo-tops, hi-tops, including the classic Chuck Taylor from Converse, for example, and gives pride of place to rubber, still natural. Functionality and originality, luxury and handcrafting, aesthetics and comfort: Both have the highest standards.
The rubber used for the manufacture of the soles is reminiscent of Formula 1 tires, invading the entire shoe, and increasingly replacing the horse or calfskin leather used for certain models. In the end, the rendered appearance is very close to that of a sculpture or a trompe-oeil work of art. The laces, as thermoformed, and the tabs, folded back, give each pair a luxurious urban je ne sais quoi. Something to embellish his daily life while staying well in his sneakers.