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Ginori 1735

Candlestick "Il Letterato Purple Hill" and assorted set of 6 candles (6x40g)

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"Il Letterato Purple Hill" candle holder in melted wax in a porcelain jar articulated around floral notes. This model comes with a set of 6 candles (also sold separately as a refill) offering a burning time of several hours. A floral, light and fresh fragrance, evoking the olfactory memory of the Tuscan hills in full spring bloom. A sensation that strikes, persists and persuades. It is the scent of harmony and balance.

A porcelain sculpture in the shape of a bust. The upper part is adorned with a cylindrical hat-shaped container, designed to carefully protect the candle and its wisdom.

The Scholar is one who contemplates the grand design of life, a keen observer who skillfully tells the story of our human drama.

Handcrafted in Italy.
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100% Wax
100% Ceramic


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