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LANVIN - The Man of the Hour

More than just a brand, Jeanne Lanvin has built a legacy. Among the oldest French fashion houses,Lanvinwas founded in 1889, at a time when the very concept of ready-to-wear was...

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MASNADA - From Body to Soul

Masnada praises a garment conceived as a second skin, always close to the body, a natural extension that sublimates the movement, in these times of softnessspringtime.

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BOTH - Putting Art at Your Feet

Why choose when you can have everything? That's the question BOTH seems to be asking with its line of revisited classics. The shoe brand, based in Paris, proposes a clever...

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GUIDI - These Boots Were Made for... Everything

From the lush hills of Tuscany come shoes for the most discerning tastes around the world.

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