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Ginori 1735

Candlestick "Il Letterato Black Stone" and assorted set of 6 candles (6x40g)

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"Il Letterato Black Stone" candle holder in melted wax in a porcelain pot revolving around oriental notes. This model comes with a set of 6 candles (also sold separately as a refill) offering a burning time of several hours. Inspired by the Black Stone talisman given to Catherine de Medici by an astrologer in her courtyard, this fragrance evokes the spices used by alchemists at that time. It’s the scent of discovery.

A porcelain sculpture in the shape of a bust. The upper part is adorned with a cylindrical hat-shaped container, designed to carefully protect the candle and its wisdom.

The Scholar is one who contemplates the grand design of life, a keen observer who skillfully tells the story of our human drama.

Handcrafted in Italy.
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100% Wax
100% Ceramic


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