Fornasetti Scented Candle "SE POI" (310 g) - Fragrance Frutto Proibito

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"SE POI" scented candle (310 g) in Peccato Originale - Fragrance Frutto Proibito container.
This 310-gram candle has a burn time of 72 hours.

Fornasetti Frutto Proibito fragrance combines lemony Mediterranean top notes with the soft embrace of jasmine in luxurious abandon with seductive tuberose notes and the gentle caresses of rosewood.

Fornasetti's muse joins the snake to interpret the theme of original sin.

All Fornasetti home fragrances have been designed exclusively for the new Fornasetti Profumi collection, using environmentally-friendly ingredients for non-polluting combustion.

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Height: 9.8 cm / Width: 15.5 cm / Depth: 7.3 cm

55% Ceramic
45% Wax


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