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Fornasetti Scented candle "NEL MENTRE" (800 g) - Fragrance Immaginazione

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"NEL MENTRE" scented candle (800 g) in Architettura - Fragrance Immaginazione container.
This 800-gram candle has a burn time of 182 hours.

Fragrance Immaginazione is a distillate from the world of Fornasetti in a fragrance characterized by the herbs and woods of the Fornasetti garden.
This scented candle is part of a triptych in an imaginary urban landscape suspended in time and history.

All Fornasetti home fragrances have been designed exclusively for the new Fornasetti Profumi collection, using environmentally-friendly ingredients for non-polluting combustion.

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Height: 23.5 cm / Width: 8.9 cm / Depth: 8.9 cm

51% Ceramic
49% Wax


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