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WOOLMARK & TEATUM JONES - Innovation & Sentiment

Catherine Teatum meets Rob Jones, on the edge, and under the Italian sun exactly. From this meeting was born Teatum Jones, a brand of clothing, feminine, refined, placed under the...

Catherine Teatum meets Rob Jones, on the wire, and under the Italian sun exactly.

From this meeting was born Teatum Jones, a feminine and refined clothing brand, placed under the sign of innovation. The duo's creative process is enriched by the stories they tell with each thread they choose to weave. One of these stories is that of Agnes Moirragh Bernard, an English nun who was determined to restore a glimmer of hope to the tired little town of Foxford. When she founded the Foxford Woolen Mills in 1892, she had no idea that she was about to offer a unique craft heritage to her community, in addition to hope.

In 2015, Teatum and Jones traveled to those same mills. Taking inspiration from the blankets made at the time, they modernize them with the unique patterns and their assertive taste in color, a hallmark of the house.

Was it this link between creation and human beings that brought them luck? Teatum and Jones, spotted among thousands, won the International Woolmark Prize.


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But their Australian merino wool collection won over the jury. "We immediately observed the emergence of a voice for this new generation of British designers," said Roland Mouret, a member of the jury along with Tim Blanks, Andre Leon Talley, and Thakoon Panichgul, among others.


The collection, now produced in partnership with the Woolmark Company, has already been selected by the most prestigious concept stores, including Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas which hosted the exclusive launch of the Woolmark & Teatum Jones capsule on Wednesday.

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For Stuart McCullough, managing director of The Woolmark Company, the connection is strategic. "We are very pleased, and proud, to have Leclaireur as a partner. I truly believe that Teatum Jones and Leclaireur were made for each other. The innovative and avant-garde creations will find their place without a doubt" he said.

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Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones welcomed a handful of happy few, with undeniable naturalness and grace. Gathered under the benevolent auspices of Fornasetti's creations, they were able to exchange with the designers and chat with Abigail Hayhoe, Woolmark's European communications manager, about the undeniable qualities of Australian merino wool.

"We are absolutely delighted to be here. We've always loved Leclaireur, and its history of being intrinsically linked to art and creativity," explains Jones and Teatum, "it's really our favorite Parisian store."


The images taken by Alexandra Fleuranti illustrate, better than long speeches, the effervescent atmosphere of this launch, which foreshadows a rich and human adventure.

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