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WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN - Emotional transformations

Between raw power and emotion,Werkstatt:Münchenhas woven a link full of life and energy.

Between raw power and emotion, Werkstatt:München has woven a link full of life and energy.

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Since the brand was founded in 1996, Bavarian designer Klaus Lohmeyer has been transforming leather, silver and sometimes gold into accessories that play on contrasts and textures. Without even a drawing, he lets his imagination guide his gestures to create forms with organic and industrial influences.

In addition to timeless rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, the collections of Werkstatt:München collections now also include cufflinks, bags, glasses and even home decor.

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Lohmeyer infuses his designs with his past experiences in fields as diverse as philosophy, politics and music. He draws inspiration from contemporary culture, past memories and symbolism. Some pieces are hammered, others are adorned with words, fragments of poems, always different, turning each of his pieces into an inimitable treasure.

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The brand's aesthetic tends to transcend jewelry, to imagine a new relationship between form and function, to surpass itself: ever more refined, ever more daring and experimental; to find the balance between artisanal beauty and industrial romanticism.


Discover Werkstatt:München at Leclaireur Champs Elysées, Hérold and Sévigné.


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