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UNDERCOVER - Become who you are

Who am I? This is the question that Undercover seems to be asking through a spring-summer 2018 collection that is entirely reversible, inspired by photographer Cindy Sherman, a chameleon artist...

Who am I? That's the question Undercover seems to be asking through an entirely reversible spring-summer 2018 collection, inspired by photographer Cindy Sherman, a chameleon artist considered the master of disguise, whose work revolves around the concept of identity.

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Presenting themselves on the podium hand in hand, two by two, like the Grady twins in Kubrick's Shining, each silhouette seems to reflect the image of the double that accompanies it. A wink to this duality that crosses us all, illustrated by a jacket with a minimalist design, gray on one side with embroidery "Cindy" on the chest, displaying on the other the photo Untitled #74 of a Sherman grimée, taken in 1980. Another reference to the American artist, the photo Untitled #122 printed on a black perfecto so oversized that it looks like a coat.

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Once turned over long suit jacket is adorned with lace, a denim jacket whose pink lining is enriched with ruffles, and a baseball jacket very high waist giving femininity to the silhouette. A collection where the color and landscape prints take on dark hues, a veiled look, like a distant dream. And this saving injunction "take a trip to your inner light", printed on a sky blue T-shirt The Janus - Roman god of passages, beginnings and ends. A journey in itself, and in time, through a contemporary collection populated by eminently Hitchcockian heroines.

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