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OFF-WHITE - Form and function

In less time than it takes to say it Virgil Abloh has conquered the planet. Kanye West's designer at the beginning, Abloh has since contributed to change the way we...

In no time Virgil Abloh has conquered the world.

Kanye West's stylist in his early days, Abloh has since helped change the way we look at fashion, which has become an object of fascination, marketing and consumption, and is now everywhere. Surrounded by every influencer worthy of the name, participating in as many collaborations as there are countries on earth (and that you can never name) - Nike, Heron Preston, Levi's, Moncler, Vans, Jimmy Choo, Kith, Takashi Murakami and Ikea today, his name is on everyone's lips.

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yellow hoodie, yellow jogging pantsBalenciaga ankle boots

Virgil Abloh goes straight to the point, in a pragmatic, almost sarcastic way, by interpreting fashion as a consumer good. The aesthetic is refined, mixing the classic with sportswear, with this little touch recognizable among thousands. Houndstooth patterns meet the brand's signature yellow ribbons, plaids turn into fringed capes while sweaters are cut like suits.

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It's 2018, the facts are in, so to make sure we recognize each of his pieces, Virgil Abloh signs them, specifying their function in addition to their origin. Thus, we can read " SKIRT " on a skirt, in capital letters, " KNIT "on a knit, and "OFF WHITE" absolutely everywhere. And if you're bold enough, you can always dare to wear the "SCULPTURE" handbags, because every it-bag is always more than what it represents.

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Discover the pre-fall 2018 collectionOff-White atLeclaireur Sévigné and

Make up & Hair : Jade Berrocal
Model : Olesya - Crystal models
Photo : Bruno Rizzato


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