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MONCLER GENIUS 4 - Moncler Simone Rocha

Fourth part of the collaborative project Moncler Genius, this collection signed by Simone Rocha gives pride of place to volumes and proportions, through romantic silhouettes inspired by the alpine climbers...

Fourth part of the collaborative project Moncler Geniuscollaborative project, this collection by Simone Rocha focuses on volume and proportion through romantic silhouettes inspired by 19th century alpine climbers from the Italian boot country.


leclaireur-monclergenius-rocha-fw18-01 leclaireur-monclergenius-rocha-fw18-02

Right: black down jacket


4 Moncler Simone Rocha sublimates the DNA Moncler DNA with haute couture-inspired work through elaborate details enriching silhouettes with Victorian accents... or the poetic vision of a mountain climber wrapped in a sea of clouds and nylon. Tulle, ruffles, gathers, beads and embroidery give the pieces an eminently feminine style contrasted by gothic-inspired red and black.




Ruffles colonize some down jackets on the front while bows at the waist transcend the form and function of the garment, turning it into a sophisticated evening piece. The logo Moncler logo is also magnified with multicolored flowers in sequin, or delicately embroidered beads. This collection is both synonymous with protection, ambition, and synonymous with dream, refinement.


leclaireur-monclergenius-rocha-fw18-05 leclaireur-monclergenius-rocha-fw18-06 leclaireur-monclergenius-rocha-fw18-07
leclaireur-monclergenius-rocha-fw18-08 leclaireur-monclergenius-rocha-fw18-09


Simone Rocha presented her very first collection in 2010. At 31 years old, the Irish designer has already received the honors of fashion professionals by finishing as a finalist of the first LVMH award in 2014, before being nominated, two years later, Womenswear Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.


leclaireur-monclergenius-rocha-fw18-11 leclaireur-monclergenius-rocha-fw18-12

left: t-shirt with embroidery
right: t-shirt with embroidery white t-shirt



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