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MENSWEAR - The classic man

MENSWEAR The classic man 18 Jul 2018 | Article | "The suit does not make the monk" says the adage, and it is even more true today. According to his...

MENSWEAR The classic man


"The suit does not make the man" says the adage, and it is even more true today. According to his moods, his desires, everyone is free to choose a style, to play a role, to be the hero of his own life, like in a movie. And the classic wardrobe adapts, its tailoring, suits, jackets, shirts, slim-fitting cuts and tailoring details. Arty, Classic, Trendy or Business girl for her, it's up to you.




Your entire style announces a British phlegm that is unfailing. It's in Thom Browne or in Neil BarrettFrom head to toe, or almost, that we pass you in the street, jacket, tie, pants, wallet. Everything is in the detail: the subtle blue white red signature of the American designer, the formal elegance of a shirt Neil Barrett and its integrated tie. Downstairs, busy men will opt for derbies with buckles signed Ballybuckle derbies, while the more lazy types will be looking for loafers Gucci.




Dandies, aesthetes, lovers of art in all its forms, lovers of beauty, original designers and disruptive spirits, take a walk with your wallet Rick Owenswith your Rick Owens wallet, all curves and straight lines. In the mood for wandering, Wong Kar Wai style, dare a set Uma Wangin Shanghai or elsewhere. Never where you are expected, play with appearances with a jacket and a shirt Y/Projector a coat Delada and its magic tie.




When you go on a picnic with friends, you always take a bag with you when you go to the country for a weekend Cornelian Taurus on your shoulders, hat Horisaki hat on the head. Just to pass incognito, you choose your sweater signed by this young English designer in vogue across the Channel, JW Andersonand glasses Issey Miyakewith timeless lines, because for you life is here and now.



If tailoring was once reserved for men's suits, it was quickly adapted to women, before they appropriated the tuxedo, like Marlene Dietrich, becoming a synonym of emancipation.

Because women wear it as well as men, we offer you a bonus selection for her inspired by the male wardrobe.



A brief at 10am, meeting at 11am, lunch with a friend at 1pm before a skype meeting to finalize the contract with Los Angeles, yes it's your agenda, and yes you are a busy woman. "Yes" is also what you tell yourself in the morning when you come across your outfit Maison MargielaA jacket that shows off your neck and shoulders, and a slit skirt. When it comes to shoes, it's always a big "yes" when it comes to ankle boots Saint Laurent or Balenciaga.



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