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MAISON MARGIELA - Aesthetic plastic

Maison Margiela presents a men's collection autumn-winter 2018 plasticized, with colorful details, on men wearing caps between swimmer and aviator. Discover the Maison Margiela collection With his creations, Galliano invents...

Maison Margiela presents a men's fall-winter 2018 collection plasticized, with colorful details, on men wearing caps between swimmer and aviator.


With his creations, Galliano invents a silhouette with exaggerated proportions, leaving no room for gender and gives the man a new freedom of expression, combining his creative genius with the couture know-how of the Belgian House. The brand explores the classic men's wardrobe, interpreting it in an offbeat way with an arty aesthetic.

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The voluminous down jackets are enhanced with faux fur strips, the man becomes glamorous. Trench coats get plasticised, whether they are doubled up in a PVC version that overlaps perfectly or in the details, on a buttonhole, reflecting the light to catch the eye. Wool coats and suit jackets become oversized, their shoulders drooping, the waist marked by a belt or a matching satchel. Sneakers take on a collage look, juxtaposing materials and textures, as if creatively patched together. And for those who wish to take a step up, Maison Margiela raises the heels of its boots, creating a more androgynous look.

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Discover the fall-winter collection of Maison Margiela at Leclaireur Sévigné and on


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