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LECLAIREUR X - The Call of the Hybrids

Succeeding Shigoto Project, Leclaireur X is the result of a unique collaboration between designers and suppliers selected among the most advanced today. This second part allows to see the full...

Succeeding Shigoto Project, Leclaireur X is the result of a unique collaboration between designers and suppliers selected among the most advanced today. This second part allows to see the full expression of Work and Truth, two values common to these professionals, and dear to Leclaireur.

By presenting, during Première Vision, the pieces produced by these exceptional designers, and by accompanying these stylists in their creative process, Leclaireur wishes to highlight the beauty and inventiveness that a free spirit can bring to life, before making them available to the public.

This atypical approach aims to open dialogue and raise awareness of the importance of craftsmanship, and to continue working with the most captivating designers of our time. Leclaireur X's collaborations are based on fabrics and on the continuous research of master builders, who innovate and explore rare, archival, high-tech or exotic materials.

Our commitment to slow fashion, a fashion with slower and more reasoned processes, is logically part of a broader industrial debate.

Leclaireur X has chosen to work with fabrics made and produced by Faliero Sarti, A Girls, Bonotto Archivio, Lyria and Schoeller.

These fabrics, without being imposed on them in any way, were made available to the designers, who were free to use them, or not, or even to associate them with their own materials.

Each of them has appropriated the tuxedo - the tuxedo jacket - in the course of their own reflection. A transitional piece par excellence, the tuxedo goes from day to night, from casual to evening wear.

Each designer also had the opportunity to create elements (shirt, pants) to complement the central piece of his silhouette.

Leclaireur X is a manifesto in itself:

Leclaireur X claims a contemporary version of the punk movement, rich in individuals who, in turn, refuse labels, refuse to be categorized, refuse the divisions that are proposed to them.

We are, all of us, the fruits of a mixture of influences. Together, we choose to reinvent a modern mythology, futuristic, without limits. As such, we claim to be hybrid creatures, like these Leclaireur X pieces, and call for resistance.

Resistance to fast fashion, which stifles any possibility of liberated creation, and refusal of the obligation to submit to any injunction of this same fast fashion: we are proud to associate so many talents and skills in this collective adventure that is Leclaireur X Première Vision.

Today, like enlightened punks, we hybrids refuse to accept limits, and affirm it: genres no longer exist, borders no longer exist.

Creativity, insolence, freshness, humor, innovation, gathering.

We build bridges, not walls. #resist



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