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HUGO MATHA Shoulder Wear, Hand Wear, Art Wear

The French designer has succeeded in creating clutches, handbags and two-in-one backpacks, mixing aesthetics and functionality, halfway between the accessory and the design object.

The French designer succeeds in creating clutches, handbags, backpacks two-in-one, mixing aesthetics with functionality, halfway between the accessory and the design object.

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Art everywhere, all the time, and in all states. The clutch and handbags ofHugo Matha are made to measure. His exceptional materials, crocodile and iguana leathers; his collaboration with cabinetmakers, the use of noble woods, or rarely used materials such as metal wire, stoneware or Plexiglas: everything contributes to the designer's work to celebrate French craftsmanship.

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Hugo Matha has each of his pieces assembled and sewn in Aveyron, the land where he was born, where they are then assembled. The pure lines and clean cuts of each accessory indicate a strong affinity for architecture, the work is almost sculptural in its precision. Placed on a table, the handbag takes on the air of an art object, a work of art rather than an accessory, while retaining, when worn on the shoulder, its primary utility.

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Hugo Matha owes this artist's eye to his sensitivity, as well as to his studies in Applied Arts and his time at the Duperré school in Paris. It was after a six-month internship in Shanghai, rich in lessons, that the French designer turned to the world of luxury. After a stint with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Hugo Matha developed, thanks to the financial support of his home region, a first collection of clutches that made him a designer to watch, and a designer supported today by Leclaireur.


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