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How to make a character unforgettable? How do you give her that extra something that will leave a lasting impression? Glasses, of course! Think about it, what could be better...

How to make a character unforgettable? How do you give them that extra something that will leave a lasting impression? Glasses, of course! Think about it, what could be better than the accessory that frames your face to speak about your tastes and your character.

From Will Smith in Men in Black, to Catherine Deneuve in The Predators, to Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, these now iconic glasses have transformed characters into trends, becoming timeless.


Here is a selection of sunglasses inspired by the seventh art. This summer it's your name on the poster.


These Thom Browne sunglasses are reminiscent of Raoul Duke's in Las Vegas Parano. The best ones to hide the joyful tiredness of long evenings, or to protect you from the sun during ecstatic trips on the beach with their tinted glasses, in a psychedelic 70s atmosphere. It must be said that Raoul knows a lot about sunburns...


"Annie likes lollipops..." says the song. Lolita also likes lollipops, that little taste of sugar on the tongue like a caress on her little innocent heart. If, like us, you are in a playful mood, dare Chloé sunglasses because youth is eternal.


How to stay sober when you are original? By wearingthese Kame Man Nenround glasses for big guys that will give you a killer style like Leon. The glasses are tinted in grey, and if they have the advantage to protect from the sun they still don't allow you to drink milk.


If you want to look like Tom Cruise aka Maverick, the joystick ace in Top Gunadopt the Thom Browne in rose gold aviator style. Perfect for watching fighter jets fly by on the beach.


This summer you are going far away to discover new paradisiac places, or simply to sunbathe at the beach, alone or with your friends, destination relaxation. Don't forget to put on these Gucci sunglasses in your suitcase, so you can go unnoticed even if you are chased by the police.


This summer, let's go to New-York and its yellow cabs. In the back of the car it would be good to wear these Thom Browne sunglassesif your driver's name is Robert De Niro and you want to make friends with him. It would be so silly to start a conversation and be told "you talkin' to me?


Those who fly further south, to Miami, will prefer these Gucci glassesin an 80's style that smells like Hawaiian shirts and smoked Cuban cigars. Approved by Tony Montana himself, once worn "the world is yours".

scout-Far from Heaven

Far from paradise perhaps, but you will undoubtedly get closer with these Gucci sunglasses in a 50's style. So, like Julianne Moore, we adopt the fifties aesthetic but we play with conventions. Off the beaten track, become yourself.


Rule number 1 this summer: wear Andy Wolf sunglasses. Their style will make you look like Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt in Fincher's movie, and you'll have many fans all over the world thanks to them. Who knows, maybe you'll start a club of your own, the one for inveterate travelers: flight club.


How about going east, to Transylvania? These round Thom Browne glasses have some bite, and go equally well with a top hat and a red velvet cape or a more modern, dandy or even minimalist style. The style note? Blood for blood.


Yes, life sucks. We spend the day by the pool, solar Andy Wolf at the end of our nose, Rose McGowan style, doing nothing else but enjoying the sun, waiting for our two gorgeous boyfriends to come home to be bored together. Yeah, life sucks.


To make sure you get a ticket this summer, dare to Kuboraum Z3 sunglasses. Their Willy Wonka-sponsored look will round out your facial features, if not round out your curves, which is what too much chocolate will do once summer is over (yes, we know the technique).


Who hasn't dreamed of ruling the fashion world? Like Miranda Priestly. Gucci knows what you needa rounded, almost streamlined, paparazzi-proof frame. It's only 9am and your army of assistants are already waiting for you with your sugar-free, foam-free almond latte and a selection of the latest it-bags. All you have to do is choose.


Because we always feel like creating a choir in the summer, adopt these Jacques Marie Mage glassesin a very Whoopi Goldbergian style. A few hours of singing every day and this pair of sunglasses should be more than enough to melt Pope Francis' heart.


Behind every diamond is a billionaire. Adopted by Audrey Hepburn, aka Miss Golightly, this adage that we just invented goes hand in hand with this one: behind every Jacques Marie Mage glasses is a woman who doesn't need a billionaire. Women power!



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