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EDHEN - Divinely shod

From moccasins to sneakers to boots, the classic shoe finds a new modern, almost celestial expression.

From the moccasin to the sneaker and the boot, the classic shoe finds a new modern, almost celestial expression.


Imagined by its founders as the perfect Aristotelian syllogism, Edhen develops a contemporary aesthetic with just the right amount of dandyism to move seamlessly from day to night. The wide neckline of the moccasins reveals the foot with a summery elegance, ideal for strolling on the Roman piazzas, or finishing in beauty an ensemble inspired by the tuxedo.


The brand Edhen was born from the collaboration between influencers Filippo Cirulli and Filippo Fiora. Together, they transform their passion for a lifetime of travel and fashion as sharp as it is timeless into a collection of refined footwear.

Together, Cirulli and Fiora form the perfect equation for their success story: the former is a fashion and design fan straight out of business school, the latter an architect, blogger and designer.


The shoes Edhen shoes are handcrafted in Italy by local artisans using skills passed down from generation to generation. The creation of the perfect shoe according to Edhen requires more than 200 steps and 10 days of work.


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