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Classic Training

There are charismatic, fascinating individuals, strong of an appetite of life, insatiable, animated of a fire which one would not know to extinguish. There are places, too, immense in their...

There are charismatic, fascinating individuals with an insatiable appetite for life and a fire that cannot be extinguished.

There are places, too, immense in their emptiness, rich and vibrant, sources of inspiration, whose masterful power fills the air.

There are such encounters that they initiate small miracles.

Julien Benhamou and Leclaireur have imagined the meeting of "what was" and "what is", pushing the audacity to "what could be".

Dance, like photography, is an art of precision, technique and hard work, notions familiar to SHIGOTO, Issey Miyake, Y3, Leclaireur x Toray, The Viridi-Anne...

Let's imagine a dancer. Not just any dancer: an opera prodigy, François Alu. The 22-year-old genius has a long-standing friendship with Benhamou.

Leclaireur brings them together at the Chaudronneries de Montreuil, a space conducive to wonder. Together, they defy the laws of gravity, the codes of classical and hip-hop. Together, they fly.

To the unstoppable rhythm of a work of art that comes to life, the years of tradition and discipline come together, aligning perfectly, like the cogs of a tireless machine.

Classic Training editorial 01

Sweater: SHIGOTO, Sarouel: JULIUS, Sneakers: ARTSELAB

Classic Training editorial 02 Classic Training editorial 03


Classic Training editorial 04

Bag : THE VIRIDI-ANNE, Pants : LECLAIREUR x TORAY, Sneakers : Y-3

Classic Training editorial 05

Top: LECLAIREUR, Pants : ISSEY MIYAKE, Sneakers : Y-3

Classic Training editorial 06 Classic Training editorial 07

Hoodie : SHIGOTO, Sarouel : JULIUS, Sneakers : ARTSELAB

Classic Training editorial 08

Hoodie : ISSEY MIYAKE, Sarouel : JULIUS, Sneakers : ARTSELAB


Creative Direction : Julien Benhamou & LA FRENCHY (Mary-Noelle Dana, Michael Hadida) for LECLAIREUR
Photographer : Julien Benhamou
Video : Frederic De Pontcharra
Dancer : François Alu
Hair/Makeup : Lola Herbiniere Seve
First assistant photographer : Mohamed Ali Ghouayel
Second assistant photographer : Raphael Lucas
Music : Aysam Rahmania


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