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MARSELL - The Anticonformist Seamstress

What transcends the shoe collections ofItalian labelMarsèll, launched in 2001, is its ability to play. Right down to its name! Marsèll is the anagram of the names of its founders,...

What transcends the shoe collections of Italian label Marsèll, launched in 2001, is its ability to play. Right down to its name! Marsèll is the anagram of the names of its founders, Roberto, Marco and Elisa Cima, an unusual sibling group that has fun blurring the lines of their identities and what the great classics of footwear should look like. The tone is already set.

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The most traditional models, derbies, richelieus, brogues, are transformed by the expert (magical?) hands of Marsèll. At the same time faithful to their models and totally different, the shoes undergo an intense treatment, perfectly mastered and a deformation - like no other - of all or part of their structure.

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At the end of this tour de force, some details will have disappeared or will have been, on the contrary, amplified, exaggerated to excess. The heels are transformed into sculptures, the soles are distorted to be curved...: Marsèll's talent is to invite himself where he is not expected by revisiting, restructuring and rethinking the object. On these seamless shoes, even Marsèll's signature is invisible!

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While keeping their primary purpose (yes, they are shoes, and they are worn with pleasure and comfort), the pieces signed Marsèll change level, aim for a new balance. Their elegance is unconventional, sophisticated and therefore playful. The meticulous workmanship of the rubber and leather gives them the thickness you want: some pieces, polished, end up very smooth, while others will keep - for life - their rough and raw aspect to accompany any wardrobe, night and day.


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Marsèll shoes, 100% Made In Italy and ready to take you to the end of the world, are available at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas, Leclaireur Sévigné and Leclaireur Hérold.


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