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HAIDER ACKERMANN - Sensual and cerebral

An aesthetic of great traveler, for the urban amazons and the refined spirits who like to have a look always a littlebadassthat's the styleHaider Ackermann. A style that is all...

A great traveler's aesthetic, for urban Amazons and refined minds who like to look a little bit badassthat's the style Haider Ackermann. A style that is all in subtlety thanks to the precision of the cuts.

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For women, the silhouettes are refined, almost reduced to the strict minimum, and graphic thanks to dynamic lines, asymmetrical cuts and close to the body.

A coat, a blazer, suit pants, high-waisted pants, a dress ... red, a sensual red that is sometimes found on the lining, or edging, contrasting with a black raven wing on the back. Haider Ackermann offers us the opportunity to express a cerebral sensuality, revealing just enough skin, from neck to waist.

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For the man, the casualness is in order, without ever cutting back on the look. The pieces are loose, the suit jackets are worn like that, jumping out of bed, the pants low waist and fluid as a pirate city. The patterns all in vertical lines lengthen the silhouette, enhanced here and there with polka dot patterns. Ackermann uses black and white, and a color palette that goes hand in hand with a Zen spirit, navigating between pastels of blue, purple and beige.

haiderackermann-ss18-men-article-01 haiderackermann-ss18-men-article-02

Casual for cocktails, or elegant all day, the message is : keep it simple.

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