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Get Into the Groove

Winter being what it is, a certain nostalgia comes to the fore, and with it desires for colors, lights, warm tones, party and sun. In no time at all, Leclaireur...

Winter being what it is, a certain nostalgia comes to the fore, and with it the desire for colors, lights, warm tones, parties and sunshine. In two times and three movements, Leclaireur has taken action, invoking the insolence of the seventies.


edito70s-leclaireur-01 edito70s-leclaireur-02

Drome jacket, Grace Wales Bonner top, Saint Laurent pants

First inspiration with the very English and always surprising Grace Wales Bonner, who takes us to other latitudes, a sport jacket worn close to the body.



Grace Wales Bonner top, Jacques Marie Mage glasses



edito70s-leclaireur-04 edito70s-leclaireur-04

Grace Wales Bonner top and pants, Jacques Marie Mage glasses

Gucci has a bold seventies vibe, so we assume, we mix influences with agility, comfortable in our sneakers under the palm trees and the sun exactly, in shorts and polo.


edito70s-leclaireur-06 edito70s-leclaireur-07

polo shirt, shorts and sneakers Gucci, glasses Jacques Marie Mage

From Miami to L.A., we drive the Ford Torino at a hundred miles an hour, with a few good tips in the glove box, and Jacques Marie Mage glasses for a total Californian look.



Gucci jacket, Jacques Marie Mage glasses




Gucci jacket and pants, Jacques Marie Mage glasses

From one coast to the other, there is only one Drome jacket. We associate it with a t-shirt, a Saint Laurent shirt, we let ourselves be carried away, to the end of the night, even to the adjacent alleys of a New York a little troubled, period Studio 54 or CBGB's, and we dream to make our way between a Grace Jones, a Mick Jacker, a Blondie.


edito70s-leclaireur-12 edito70s-leclaireur-13

Drome jacket, Saint Laurent t-shirt

The spirit of the seventies revives, redefined, and repeated endlessly.



Saint Laurent shirt, t-shirt, pants and sneakers



edito70s-leclaireur-14 edito70s-leclaireur-15

Gucci jacket and t-shirt, Jacques Marie Mage glasses

Photographer : Bruno Rizzato for Leclaireur
Model : Luc (@Rockmen)


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