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DON DRUMM - Solar metal

As the grandson of a blacksmith and son of a welder, it is only natural thatDon Drummturned to metal to create works that look like they came out of factories...

Grandson of a blacksmith, son of a welder, it is quite natural that Don Drumm turned to metal to create works that look like they came out of factories shaken by the furious pounding of workers in a science fiction movie.


The work of this American designer revolves around metals such as aluminum, steel and tin, which he melts, molds and forges. Don Drumm works the material to create works that are both decorative and functional. Aluminum trays, pendants, mirrors, kitchen utensils, tables... the work of Don Drum is crossed by poetic motifs, all in curves, in a new age spirit, as shown by the numerous suns that have become one of the symbols of his artistic work.

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Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas presents an aluminum table made in the 60's, a unique piece, representative of the designer's passion for metal. Although this work has the appearance of a table, the work on the reliefs makes it a functional sculpture with abstract and radical forms.

Don Drumm uses the sand casting technique, which consists of splitting the model into several parts, each of which is cast in sand-lined frames, into which the molten metal is poured. Once cooled, the pieces are assembled together to form the final work.

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From the factory to the galleries there is only one step, which Don Drumm took in the early 1960's when he opened his own studio, which he still works in today in Akron, Ohio.


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