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Takahiromiyashita Thesoloist.

The most American of Japanese aesthetes
Japanese stylist Takahiro Miyashita is a mind-blower, belonging to the family of designers who, often unwittingly, generate a cult following. It was through the Number (N)ine label that his keen sense of aesthetics and personal vision came to the fore.
His obsession with Anglo-Saxon culture, and in particular with music and fashion design, is naturally reflected in his approach to clothing. For example, the Number (N)ine autumn-winter 2007-2008 collection was named after a Johnny Cash compilation entitled "Love, God, Murder". In the same collection, one of the hats recalls the one worn by Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter (1955).
Takahiro Miyashita left Number (N)ine in 2009 and a year later created Takahiromiyashita The SoloIst, which recovers certain avant-garde elements from the previous brand, while incorporating them in a more functional register. The focus is on the quality of the materials used, the use of asymmetrical lines and modifications directly added to the original piece. The looks are urban, often monochrome, and play with the superimposition of different elements. Her interest in music is as strong as ever, with nods to Kurt Cobain, David Bowie and Oasis...

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