Peter Do

Peter do

2014 winner of the LVMH Prize reserved for graduates, Peter Do makes unisex ready-to-wear with a clever mixture of sophistication, fantasy and convenience. After having perfected his skills in sewing under the expert direction of Phoebe Philo, then Derek Lam, Do launched his homonymous brand in 2018. Limiting itself at the start to female clothes inspired by the rigid and refined lines of the men's costumes, the brand Now includes male ready-to-wear and accessories that are distinguished by their practicality. Experimental and meticulous overlapping overlays capture the gaze, while utility details, such as pockets and detachable suspenders, moderate the conceptual side of creations. From his trompe-l'oeil basics to his classic braid pants through his long elegant coats, Peter Do offers outfits carefully made to Mutin refinement.

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