Courrèges T-shirt blanc "BUMPY CONTRAST" - 45603_S - LECLAIREUR

Courrèges men

Defined by its pioneering approach, Courrèges has been influencing the world of womenswear since 1961. Equipped with a sensibility that evokes an intimacy both dynamic and gentle, and long before his time, the brand's mysterious founder André Courrèges lived up to the pseudonym he was given: the designer of the space age. Nicolas Di Felice, recently appointed artistic director, has years of experience at houses such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, as well as Balenciaga, where Courrèges himself once worked. Di Felice maintains the Courrèges dynasty by reviving the brand's avant-garde vision. Must-have little white dresses, gabardine miniskirts and boots galore combine with vinyl pants, Americana-inspired denim jackets and leather handbags to paint the brand's iconic portrait. Offering both unrivalled classics and innovative designs, Courrèges has forged an identity worthy of a modern heritage and created an array of stylistically unique collections.

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