It is in the former stables of an 18th century mansion that hides the best kept secret in the world of luxury: The pathfinder Hereld, just a stone's throw from the Place des Victoires.

The idea of such a place was born out of a desire to move away from the usual marketing practices, in order to create a place conducive to exploration and discovery. An approach reinforced by its success and by the desires of Le pather customers.

The most atypical fashion space in all of Paris brings together a selection of designers who have maintained total integrity in their work and in creation, and a clientele in search of what is found nowhere else. Once inside, visitors are immersed in a singular world offering them a unique look at fashion, a look specific to Le pathfinder.

This unusual space is home to an ultra-high-tech kitchen, lined with a table that can accommodate up to 30 guests. Designed in collaboration with the company led by Roland Szélé, Species of Spaces, the kitchen on Rue Hérold offers a space for some of the most talented culinary artists to indulge in their art.

With Space Species, Pathfinder Herold installs a friendly bar, reinforcing the "home away from home" atmosphere of the space.

No matter the occasion - events organized by the house, receptions held by our guests or private dinners - the kitchen of Le pathfinder Hérold is a must- place.