A little closer to the stars

Un peu plus près des étoiles - LECLAIREUR

Julien Benhamou is among those photographers who immortalize more than just bodies in space. His lens looks further than the matter, captures the pure energy. Is it the intention that emanates from his images? The emotion? Let's call a spade a spade, and the aura, the aura. Finally, Julien Benhamou's grace lies in the soul he puts in everything, in the way he looks at his models, too.

The eye of the official photographer of the Opera captures the very essence of Juliette Gernez, in her encounter with Sylvere Lamotte, and gives her life in volutes of precious fabrics. By immobilizing the movement, he reveals the instantaneousness of beauty in its purest form.

Work, discipline, rigor, creativity are as many values common to the three designers as to the one who wears them. Zuhair Murad dares the color, the brightness, the embroidery. Maria Lucia Honan offers us the delicacy of her pleats. Alex Perry draws from the minimalist monochrome elegance. With the Raphael Hotel as a stage, evening gowns vibrate in the magic of a moment, like stars in the firmament.

Juliette Gernez editorial 01 Juliette Gernez editorial 02


Juliette Gernez editorial 03


Juliette Gernez editorial 04


Juliette Gernez editorial 05
Juliette Gernez editorial 06
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