TUINCH - Good Kisses of Cashmere

TUINCH – Bons Baisers de Cashmere - LECLAIREUR

Tuinch comes from a journey through the Himalayan mountains, from a sweet experience, discovering the most beautiful, the finest of fibers, cashmere. The cuts and volumes make the knitwear look like sculptures. The purity of form and material is what defines Tuinch's exceptional creations.

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Stranded at the airport in Lhasa during a trek through India and the Himalayas, Veronique Vermussche drapes herself in a shawl she has just bought from a local craftsman. The perfection of cashmere, as warm as it is fine, inspires her to create pieces that would sublimate its qualities, and establish a dialogue between the thousand-year-old Nepalese know-how and the Belgian design sense.

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Tuinch exalts the finesse of cashmere through original, almost architectural cuts and a minimalist aesthetic. The sleeves are loose, drooping. Sweaters and knitwear are XXL, mixing large knits with finer ones. The Tuinch designer has her collections produced by artisans in the Cashmere province, while the other materials are processed in Belgium.

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The Fall/Winter 2017 collection dances on the thread, with knits and lines, while cultivating elegance and comfort. These pieces come in a sober color palette between the blue of the sky and the ochre of the Asian earth, and some touches of green and purple.


Born from a memory of travel, the Tuinch adventure is a logical continuation of the passion for noble materials that Veronique Vermussche has always cultivated.

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