TOBIAS WISTISEN On the Tracks of Odin


From his Danish childhood, Tobias Wistisen has kept the rigor, the strength, the love of the craft. And a certain roughness too. These are qualities that he has put to good use in the demanding world of Haute Couture, combined with the art of staging, learned at the side of John Galliano, with whom he began his career.

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Tobias Wistisen creates jewelry that resembles him, dark, deep and masculine like no other.

He loves symbols, those of Nordic mythology that cradled his childhood and those of death. The symbols of the great History too. His rings are like rings forged by Thor himself. His bracelets and necklaces speak to us of protection, chivalry and riding, of horses' manes flying in the wind and of besieged fortresses, but also of a future that would be wild, like a return to the primitive, an initiatory journey with the allure of Madmax.

Each of Tobias Wistisen's pieces is unique, handcrafted, a hundred times over, inspired by this land of legends. And if he has exchanged the pewter and brass of his homeland for silver to which he has added leather and sometimes even wood, all bear the imprint of his palm and his tools. Each piece completes the next, like so many pages of the same endless book, hand-aged and engraved, like runes.

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A rough silver bracelet, where what could be the sides of a cliff to climb is drawn... another in braided leather, from which emerge tiny skulls, lurking in ambush... links of a chain that will not break: the primary materials, mix, interfere with each other, and sketch a dance with a taste of eternity

The jewels designed by Tobias Wistisen are available at Leclaireur.

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