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HALLOWEEN - Headliner

Halloween gives us the opportunity to play scary games, to open the door to the darkness buried deep inside each of us. We dress up to be one of those...

Halloween gives us the opportunity to play scary games, to open the door to the darkness buried deep inside each of us. We dress up to be one of those countless characters that haunt us throughout the year. We let ourselves be invaded by the darkness, the time of a night. Literal but not too much, we have selected for you silhouettes inspired by famous movie characters where darkness plays a key role.


Boulevard of Death

Tarantino's on-screen heroines show character. In Boulevard of Death, we think of Kim and Zoë, the two stuntwomen that Stuntman Mike will always remember, but especially "Butterfly" and her unforgettable (and hyper sensual) lap dance. Assume your silhouette as Natasha Zinko, all dressed in white, and raise the temperature on Halloween night with jeans and a crop top. And if you have to drive the Ford Mustang in the Boulevard of Death, you can bet on a bomber and Andrea Crews pants for a sporty look.


Interview with a Vampire

This year, you've got the munchies. Hungry for projects, hungry for travel, hungry for everything, hungry for necks. As a refined being, Halloween has always rhymed for you with vampire and darkness, and you are secretly jealous of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise for having been the heroes of Interview with a Vampire. To realize your dream, bet on a skirt and a blouse Phaedo for her, and for him a jacket Ann Demeulemeester, a shirt Yohji Yamamoto. For the feet, choose the eternal with Cherevichkiotvichki.


The Addams Family

Black blood runs in your veins, and you've known it for a long time. Did you get an invitation to attend that Halloween party in a mansion? Now is your chance to show your true colors. As Morticia for her, wearing a Poiret dress that shows your back. You're sensual, and tasteful with the heels that go with it. Mr. Addams loves the cozy atmosphere of candlelit salons so much that he wears a velvet Saint Laurent jacket and suede Balmain boots.



Mad Max: Fury Road

If you think this world is headed for disaster, then combine business with pleasure and use your figure to send a message on the night of October 31. Step into Tom Hardy's shoes as Max Rockatansky by choosing a weatherproof Giorgio Brato leather and Boris Bidjan Saberi off-road boots. And to look like Charlize Theron as Furiosa, choose a Rick Owens top, or a Poiret imperator dress, and Ann Demeulemeester heels to walk straight to your destiny.



Only Lovers Left Alive

Aesthetic minds in love with art, or simply in love with Tilda Swinton as a vampire, will seize the opportunity to celebrate Halloween like Only Lovers Left Alive. Who says Tilda Swinton says Haider Ackermann (they are friends). So we choose the golden pants signed Haider Ackermann, which can be associated with this Saint Laurent jacket and boots Ann Demeulemeester. For men, we transcend the times with a blazer Cedric Jacquemyn, a Juun.J shirt, Neil Barrett pants. And what could be better than a Tobias Wistisen ring to tie you to your other half for millennia and millennia to come?


Pulp Fiction

For those invited to a Halloween party (and who don't want to dress up, because why after all?), we have the ideal solution. The inspiration comes from Mia Wallace played by Uma Thurman and Vincent Vega played by John Travolta. A blazer Hed Mayner, a simple white shirt Balenciaga, black pants Shiro Sakai or House Mihara Yasuhiro and the trick is played. Once the look is adopted, you are on the right track to spend a good evening.



Halloween night is also the occasion to play with your friends' nerves, making people uncomfortable, playing with appearances in short. Adopt the coldness of Nicole Kidman and seduce with your throbbing gaze, a Vera Wang dress, play the ingenue like Mia Wasikowska in an Ann Demeulemeester skirt, or if you prefer costumes, choose a Thom Browne gray, from head to toe and hide behind a mask of benevolence. Who knows what it might be hiding?



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