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What started out as a purely artistic exchange between the founding couple of Leclaireur and Fornasetti some thirty years ago soon became a sincere, fertile and creative friendship, leading to the creation of LECLAIREUSE, an exclusive candle, and the presentation of the largest collection of Fornasetti pieces in Europe - if not the world.

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Martine and Armand Hadida's passion for the designer's work is such that it seemed only natural to broaden its horizons and take it to places where some people might not yet know it. It's done. The House of Fornasetti is omnipresent at Leclaireur Los Angelesincluding its reception area.


"A home away from home"... The space houses, among other wonders, a pool of rare and surprising Fornasetti pieces, including furniture that perfectly illustrates Fornasetti's singular approach and unusual aesthetic. The art of trompe l'oeil is expressed in surrealist dressers, sideboards and wooden screens, depicting architectural, mystical and whimsical frescoes designed to make any interior unique. Every detail counts, every piece is astonishing.

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Dive into the White Rabbit's rabbit hole to meet Fornasetti's playground. There's plenty to turn heads, including that of Lina Cavalieri, muse and it-girl before her time for the Italian House, who at the time was said to have "the most beautiful face in the world".


How to capture such beauty? Piero Fornasetti set out to immortalize her, feverishly creating 299 variations of the Belle between 1952 and 1966. His son Barnaba took up the torch. Today, more than 400 variations are found in the company's collection of objects. Through Fornasetti's eyes, Cavalieri is at once the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, and Alice, a muse reinvented with each incarnation, from chairs to plates to vases. At first a princess, then a pirate, sometimes shy, always playful, suddenly escaping from the jaws of a crocodile, before taking flight on the wings of a butterfly. Fornasetti's free and unpredictable imagination knows no limits.

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The first 100 variations of these portraits are now collected in a custom-made book for the most discerning collectors, handcrafted in techniques rarely used today, even for art books, exploring the art of reinterpretation, and returning to the roots of the original designer, once a printer and publisher.


The first of 100 copies of "TEMA E VARIAZIONI, the first series" is available exclusively in France at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglasand by appointment only.

Leclaireur Los Angeles photographed by Samuel Frost.
Images by TEMA E VARIAZIONI: Fornasetti.

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