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FORNASETTI – Don Giovanni sur un plateau - LECLAIREUR

On October 29, 1787 the first performance of the opera Don Giovanni, written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the last years of his life, took place in Prague. 229 years later, Barnaba Fornasetti imagined the complete scenography of one of the most beautiful works of the German musician, which the company declined in a series of objects taking up the theme of this dramma giocoso - a joyful drama in two acts.

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Premiered at the Milan Triennale on December 1, 2016, Don Giovanni conducted by Davide Montagna, takes up the theme of the libertine seducer. Aided by his faithful valet Leporello, Don Giovanni charms and conquers the hearts of young women before abandoning them. The scenography imagined by Piero Fornasetti's son is inspired by the archives of the house, the faces of women with multiple identities, card games, symbols of light and the unexpected, creating a surreal visual world sublimating the story set to music by Mozart.



Fornasetti makes the melodies of Don Giovanni resonate from the stage to the living room, with a collection that includes trays, an ashtray with the lines of the opera program, a tea and sugar set with illustrations of the spectators' boxes overlooking the stage, plates with the shadow of Don Giovanni hovering over them, and "Rose patchouli" scented candles, all dressed in red, a bright and deep red, the red of passion, the signature of the house Fornasetti



The best way to resist the temptation of the Don Giovanni collection is to give in to it, at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglasor on

Photos by Alexandre Gaudin

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