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FORNASETTI - Divine Comedy

From father to son and for over 50 years,Fornasettihas been playing with all the arts and tirelessly (re)inventing interior design. Always modern, always faithful to its inspirations, the House has...

From father to son and for over 50 years, Fornasetti has been playing with all the arts and tirelessly (re)inventing interior design. Always modern, always faithful to its inspirations, the House has created a universe that is ever more demanding and a bestiary populated by animals and other mysterious creatures.


The latest collection perfectly illustrates its taste for the fantastic: Barnaba Fornasetti, after having imagined the complete scenography of Mozart's Don Giovanni directed by Davide Montagna and presented at the Milan Triennial, has created a series of sumptuous pieces. For the record, the House turned to the great Paul McNulty to commission an exact replica of the original 1782 pianoforte (now in Salzburg), before decorating it with motifs from the House's archives.

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Born in Milan in 1913, the young Piero enrolled in the prestigious Brera Academy as soon as he was old enough... from which he was eventually expelled for indiscipline. Painter and sculptor, he cultivated a notorious artistic independence throughout his life. His friendship with the great architect Giò Ponti nourished his curiosity for design very early on. Paintings, furniture, and even silk scarves: Piero's inspiration is limitless.


It was in his native city that the Maestro set up his very first production company, conceived as a Workshop, governed by creativity and artisanal techniques. The company has a rich heritage of original objects and illustrations that are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. One of the symbols of Fornasetti is the face of Lina Cavaliera, an opera singer of the late nineteenth century. In 1952, the painter discovered her astonished expression on the pages of a book. A strange passion was born, so feverish and so complete that the face of Lina will be diverted over and over again by the artist.

The richness of the House's work was the subject of an exceptional retrospective at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in 2015. Piero Fornasetti, who passed away in 1988, has since been recognized as one of the most creative artists of the 20th century.

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Far from playing only the role of guardian of the temple, Barnaba, Piero's only son, was able to both preserve and sublimate the family universe. The year 2017 was marked by ambitious projects. The House has collaborated several times with the label Comme des Garçonsto create the sumptuous sets for the aforementioned Don Giovanni, and give birth to the collection inspired by it, virtuously declining the codes of the House on a red background and elevating - once again - decoration to the rank of art of living.


Leclaireur is home to one of the largest collections of pieces Fornasetti in the world, happily contributing to the history of the House, act after act, in friendship, and in exclusivity.



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