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Multicolored, multigenre, multicultural... Facetasm makes of the Fall/Winter 2017 a season inspired by absolute diversity, both in terms of cuts and textures and styles. "Good Morning", the new unisex and oversized collection, offers to see the whole world, for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

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Since the creation of Facetasm in 2007, Hiromichi Ochiai has been working on cuts to better deconstruct them, inspired by the 90's of his adolescence, the skate and hip hop culture. From his home town, Tokyohe evokes the coldness of the buildings and the warmth of the setting sun.

Hiromichi Ochiai offers a selection of unclassifiable silhouettes whose patterns, fabrics and cuts collide to create rich mosaics of different elements and styles, sometimes even antagonistic, always complementary. Synthetic materials, like those of the windbreaker, rub up against the thick wool of a knitted fabric falling nonchalantly over velvet pants. Facetasm revisits the khaki bomber, diverting it from its original function to transform it into pants, whose front zips reveal the orange of the lining.

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If "Good Morning" is a more streetwear collection than the previous ones, it also includes dressed pieces, like this deconstructed double-breasted jacket combined with a pajama jacket, worn over a silk dress. The teddy, to face the great cold, is associated with a top and fur pants with Eskimo accents. The checks, reminiscent of the Celtic tartan, colonize the silhouette, draped in the oriental style. The day blends with the night, the interior with the exterior, the traditional with the modern.


"Good Morning", in the Facetasm vernacular, means "welcome to the new world", one of sharing, creativity and hybrid inspiration.

Experience creation in multi-directional mode with Facetasm, at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.


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