EDWARD CRUTCHLEY - The Renaissance Man

EDWARD CRUTCHLEY – L'Homme de la Renaissance - LECLAIREUR

All clean lines and flowing materials, Edward Crutchley's fall/winter 2017 collection showcases steamy beauties inspired by the luminous portraits of the Renaissance.


At Crutchley, the attitude is refined, androgynous, solemn, and cool. With the British designer, everything seems obvious, easy. Is it by focusing on textiles and textures that he achieves such effects? He uses, it is true, noble materials, such as silk, cashmere, and even camel fur that we find for an oversized hooded coat.


With him, opulence inherits its letters of nobility, in an absolute balance of strength and softness. His bomber jackets, cut high at the waist, have a Florentine feel, like the shirts, highlighted by luminous silk and floral motifs. The palazzo pants, with darts, bring to the silhouette all the expected presence.


Crutchley consciously works with materials that create shapes. Shapes that he senses and constructs in his head first, thanks to his unlimited knowledge of textiles. His sense of purity is total, his pieces with earthy tones soothe, evoke the great outdoors. Like the British duo Cottweiler, he offers a welcome breath of fresh air in an era when logos are invading us everywhere, almost obliterating the primary principle of fashion, which, rather than a simple story of image, is above all linked to history, know-how and creativity.


Discover the Edward Crutchley collection at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.

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