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At Dries Van NotenSpring-Summer 2018 is an expression of desire for color, smiles and lightness. It's time to bring the sun into our wardrobes and cultivate a definite taste for dreams and light.

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Everything in the silhouettes imagined by the Belgian designer underlines this will marked by an optimism without borders. The golden veins of a coat, a blouse or a skirt evoke, in all subtlety, the paintings of Gustave Klimt, while the shiny details, the Swarovski crystals sewn into the veil, or worn on the collar, like real jewels, seem to be thought to shine with a thousand fires under the chandeliers of the most beautiful salons.

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The fabrics, the light veils, offer the silhouette this ideal fluidity to cross the season with grace. Dries Van Noten invites you to travel, both geographically and in time. The motifs are inspired by the East, Africa and Europe. The colors: shimmering, warm but never garish: sunflower yellow, ochre, pink ... We find retro and paisley patterns, inspired by art deco, 70s, brocade jackets to boots.

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Dries Van Noten mixes genres and inspirations with generosity, and continues to speak the refined language he has used throughout his career.

Discover the spring-summer 2018 collection of Dries Van Noten at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.

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