DALO - Men Behind the Earth

DALO – Les Hommes derrière la Terre - LECLAIREUR

At Leclaireur, Design has many faces: Lina Cavalieri's on - almost - all Fornasetti's creations, for example, Hugh Findletar's Flower Heads as well, and Dalo's ceramics.

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Founded in 2007 by Daniel Derock and Loïc Bailliencourt, the Dalo studio has forged a particular aesthetic condensing various inspirations drawn from 20th century design, and more particularly from post-war Art Deco. Using lines - engraved or in relief - but also dots, cuts and sometimes even enamel, the two Frenchmen give birth to faces as expressive as they are poetically primitive.

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Through their creations, the duo deals with various subjects ranging from nature and ecology to humanism, solidarity and hope. These versatile artisans express themselves through a multitude of techniques: throwing, modeling and colombinage - the assembly of clay balls to create a shape.


You can discover, admire, or immerse yourself in the look of Dalo ceramics at Leclaireur Hérold.  

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