Alison Berger plays with light through glass works that, through their minimalism, transcend time and function. Fascinated by its physical qualities, which she interacts with the forms and optical properties of crystal, she proposes through her Glassworksa line of luminaries, candlesticks and sculptures with an undeniable lyrical power.


The Glassworks by Alison Berger, with their transparency, airy lightness, and subtle, flowing patterns, evoke the passage of time. The designer blends the ancient and the modern, blowing glass using artisanal techniques to produce works inspired by nature. More than luminaries, they offer a moment of calm, of reflection, of introspection.

Like the Moon Pendant - or "hanging moon" - which plays with our perception, thanks to the light. When seen from the front, the two hemispheres of the moon appear to be glued together, forming a solid circle, which narrows to resemble a long horizontal tube when the work is seen in profile. The Dusk Sconce are the result of a quest, a visceral need, to capture the essence of the golden hour, that ephemeral moment just before sunrise or sunset, where the light is a mixture of honey and amber.

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Childhood, and the memories linked to it, are at the origin of his work. Among them, catching fireflies in a jar, letting the magic of nature work, creating a lantern from nothing. Lying in the grass at night and looking at the stars too, borrowing from the sky the shape of its constellations, its galaxies, to form her candlesticks or other sources of light. She captures its ephemeral nature, "compressing it" before "letting it fade into the darkness".

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Alison Berger has been blowing glass since she was 15 years old. She studied architecture, and worked on projects with Frank O. Gehry. She also created an installation for the Comme des Garçons showroom showroom in Tokyo. Today, she owns a glass studio, where she works on her pieces, starting with sketches and several handmade prototypes, before producing the final object.


The Moon Pendant and the Dusk Sconces by Alison Berger are available at Leclaireur Hérold.

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