Ben Storms

"In Vein" table in leather, marble and iron

24.000,00 € 20.000,00 € excl. tax
In Vein is an original piece exhibited exclusively at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas in Paris. It's a marble table mounted on a trestle, but that's not all. Indeed, the upper plate, once turned over, doubles as a mirror and becomes a real decorative object. Usual piece of furniture, the trestle table represents simplicity, mobility and efficiency. These qualities go against objects usually made in marble. Yet In Vein manages to embody all these qualifiers, with the added bonus of a delicate, luxurious and slightly futile touch.

The material used for this piece is Belgian Gris des Ardennes marble, subtly veined with delicate shades of gray. This particular type of marble is difficult to handle, which makes In Vein a unique and exclusive design object. The bottom or "belly of the table is executed with a technique called hydro-forming. A sheet of stainless steel is blown using the pressure of water and shaped into an organic shape, which does not require the use of a mold. The massive "belly" gives the table its power and supports the top layer of marble, without breaking it. The apparent fragility of the thin marble top attracts attention, while the impression of solidity of the whole leaves speechless.Everyone wondering: "How can he be so stable?"

Ben Storms thinks above all in terms of matter. He tends to bring together form, materials and technique in a way that is both innovative and convincing. The artist initially uses a material, which he looks at without prejudice. Without inhibitions, he seeks to seize all the possibilities that the material has to offer. Exploring borders and beyond limits, he creates a rather surprising language of form.

His most important work to date, the "In Vein" trestle table, is a perfect illustration of this approach. Its starting point: marble. A long search for unusual techniques and meticulous manual work have resulted in a design piece with a unique character. Ben storms usually begins to work with his hands, with the patience of a monk, in order to achieve a definite shape. He then looks for a way to optimize the production process. While preserving the already created shape, texture and magnificent imperfections. This is the way to bridge the gap between craftsmanship and the extreme modernity of the techniques and materials used.
One Size
  • Size & Cut
  • Dimensions : Height: 73 cm (28,7 Inches). Width: 200 cm (78,7 Inches). Depth: 100 cm (39,3 Inches).
  • Composition & Maintenance
  • Composition : Marble - 100% Leather - 100% Metal - 100%
  • Maintenance: Nettoyer avec un chiffon, sans savon ni détergeant abrasif.
  • Country of origin : Belgium

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