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Timeless unisex
This surname, which is not a pseudonym, is that of Faye and Erica Toogood, two English sisters getting excited for the lines and functionality of the garment. They set their sights on the mantle, to begin with, before later expanding their scope.
Their coats are inspired by clothes traditionally used for a specific function, and therefore having a unique identity: The Chemist Coat, The Roadsweeper Coat, The Doorman Coat, The Explorer Cotton Coat...
The professional careers of the two sisters allowed them to cross paths on paper. Faye's mastery of volumes comes from the decoration and design of furniture. Erica's skill and eye come from her years as a stylist for Haute Couture and theatre.
Out of time, unisex, sculptural, Toogood's cuts are precise and tell a story, through a creative process close to that of haute couture. Their wardrobe is black or white, cut from precious fabrics, raw, and perfectly fitted. What matters to them is the garment itself, and nothing else. It is no longer a question of season, or collection. The duo has freed themselves from all these notions perceived as so many shackles, and creates to envy, regardless of sex and even age.