"We make noise, not clothes"
"Charming but scary" is how Jun Takahashi, the creator of the Japanese label Undercover, likes to describe his work.
Created in 1990, Undercover surprises with its contrasts and quirky style. Takahashi, a Bunka Academy graduate like Kenzo Takada, likes to mix lengths, textures, cut his coats long, cut his pants short. He likes to emphasize the silhouettes with a comfortable look, but cut to the line.
If Takahashi has been able to integrate and preserve his Japanese origins in his creations, he readily admits to being inspired by the punk scene, in particular by the Sex Pistols, and Vivienne Westwood, whom he claims as a major influence in his work.
Spectacular without being flashy, Takahashi's creations for UNDERCOVER found their place in the Parisian parade calendar as early as 2002, and in the heart of Leclaireur, of course.