Thomas eyck

The love of matter
Tapestries, cushions, plaid, oil bottles, carafes, all historical inspirations and contemporary shapes, in a pure decorative spirit.
Dutch distributor and designer Thomas Eyck is the head of an eponymous design company. His time in the early 2000s at the Royal Tichelaar Makkum - one of the oldest ceramic companies in the Netherlands - developed his taste for handicrafts, from materials used to technology. An inveterate traveller, he spends his time in salons and furniture fairs around the world where he finds his inspiration. Once or twice a year, he commissioned designers with whom he collaborated - Dick Van Hoff, Aldo Bakker, Christien Meindertsma - for the production of modern household objects, each time choosing a specific material - tin, linen, porcelain, glass with extreme solidity...Its enamelled ceramic beetles are among the most prized pieces in his collection.
Thomas Eyck Glass Vase

Thomas Eyck


Thomas Eyck Bird

Thomas Eyck